Lodge of Sorrow

This page is dedicated to our Brothers whom have ascended to the "House not Built with Hands" The roll of the workmen has been called, and one Master has not answered to his name. He has laid down the working tools of the Craft, and with them, he has left the mortal part for which he no longer has use.

Called From Labour

Bro. John Coyle Snr.

Bro. Gilbert John Everett P.M.

Bro. David Leslie Snr.

Bro. James Dalgleish P.M. H.M. (Past Provincial Grand Master)

Bro. Samuel Henderson

Bro. Ronald Jackson

Bro Peter Sharp P.M. H.M. (140)

Bro. John Jackson P.M. H.M. (140)

Bro. William Hastings

Bro. Bryce Ireland

Bro. John O Green P.M. H. M. (Past Provincial Grand Master)

Bro. Robert Wilson

Bro. James Craig

Bro. John Service

Bro. Robert Fergusson

Bro. George MacRae Crosbie P.M.

Bro. Derek Caringham

Bro. Raymond Carruthers P.M.

Bro. Ian Grant

Bro. Tam Thinsmith

Bro. Jerry Jardine

Bro. William Cook

Bro. Ernest Thompson

Bro. Frank Mitchell

Bro. Norman Talbot P.M. H.M. (Past Provincial Grand Master)

Bro. Ian Cook

Bro. Andrew Nelson 

Bro. David William Leslie Jnr

Bro. James Paul

Bro. James Dixon P.M.

Bro. Eric Mclean P.M.

Bro. David Copland

Bro. Roy Grierson

Bro. Andrew Charters

Bro. John Brennon

Bro. John Trainer

Bro. George Robert Blount

Bro. James Reid Kelly

Bro. Rev. Bruce John Laird Hay P.M.

Bro. Rev. George Helon P.M. 

Bro. William Bone

Bro. William Jardine

Bro. Kenneth Gillespie

Bro. James McLean Hyslop P.M.

Bro. Samuel Steel P.M.

Bro. Ronald Caruthers

Bro. Irvine Peter Stuart  P.M. H.M. (Past Provincial Grand Master)

Bro. George Harrison H.M. (53)

Bro. Fred Marshall

Bro. Robert Turner

Bro. John Preston

Bo. William Stewart

Bro. Robert Maxwell Graham P.M.

Bro. Phillip White

Bro. Andrew Inglis P.M. H.M. (53)

Bro. George Barr

Bro. Daniel Cook

Bro. Robert Sharp

Bro. Robert Pearson

Bro. Craig Jackson

Bro. James Niven

Bro. Andrew Ross

Bro. Robert McWhan P.M.

Bro. Douglas Baldwin

Bro. Frank Carruthers (H.M.) (140)

Bro. Fred Newton

Bro. John Cowper

Bro. Harry Livingstone